What's an IT professional doing creating abstract art?

I've been working in IT as a project manager, and most recently as an Agile coach, for over 30 years. It seems incongruous that someone who is detail oriented, organized and meticulous could find an outlet in abstract art! However, I've always seemed to have an artistic streak. Early on, it was ceramics. Then cake decorating. Now I've fallen in love with fluid art.

During 2020, when we were all locked down, I started watching you tube videos of artists of all types. Woodworkers, crafting, painting, wood turning and carving. But what amazed me the most was watching someone pour some colors on a canvas and using a blow dryer on it. Suddenly it became a gorgeous painting! I was mesmerized! 

But there was one painting that I had watched Molly from Molly's Artistry make that I fell in love with and wanted to try myself. I knew I had to learn more about this method before I could try it though. So I bought some canvases and some paints and started experimenting. Some of the artists that I now follow for ideas are Molly's Artistry, Olga Soby, Rinske Douna, Kanella Ciraco, Coz creations, Dwight Pours, and more. 

Originally, I intended to just learn so that I could make that one painting. Then, after my husband lost his job during the pandemic, I thought I might be able to sell one or two of my "experiments". I had quite a few sales and commissions from family and friends before I even set up my Etsy page!

Now I've not only got an Etsy shop, I've signed up for some craft fairs here in Connecticut for the summer of 2021 (now that I've gotten my covid vaccine!).

After about 8 months, I finally got the courage up to attempt that painting that started it all. It’s the second one in the slideshow above (swipe left). I’m so happy with how it came out!  It’s not for sale, but happy to make a similar one for you!  😁
Check out my You Tube channel or TikTok to watch videos of how I make these awesome paintings!
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